multilingual dictionary for (N770, N800 & N810)

  and (N900 & netbook )

Frequently Asked Questions ...

How to install mDictionary?

To install mDictionary application follow the steps described in "How to ..." section.

How to start using an application?

To start using an application, open menu from Task Navigator, choose Extra submenu and tap on mDictionary Dictionary. Dictionary is ready to use!.
mDictionary is placed in Extra submenu by default. You can obviously choose a different location during instalation process.

What dictionaries can be used?

You can use a various kinds of dictionaries. If you want to use XDXF dictionary file just simply download a file, unpack it and copy into the catalouge with the name of the dicionary. It is strongly required if you want mDictionary to work properly. If you want to use StarDict, download a package with a dictionary, unpack all files and copy them into the catalogue with the name of the dicionary. There is also possibility to point a location of a dictionary, which is packed into .tar.bz2 archive. mDictionary will simply unpack it for you.
When you have a catalogue with a file(s) inside, open mDictionary and simply load a new dicionary file by using Load Dictionary from Dictionaries submenu.

How can I load my own dictionary?

To load your own dicionary file into mDictionary application, choose Load Dictionary from Dictionaries submenu. A dialog popup will appear. Point the location of the file with dicionary. If you are loading XDXF dictionary - choose a file with .xdxf extension. If you want to load StarDict - you can choose any file from a catalouge (.idx, .ifo, .idx.gz, .dict or .dict.gz extension). You can also choose .tar.bz2 file.
After you choose a correct file, there is a necessary to answer some question before start using dictionary. mDictionary will ask you if you want to start using a new dicionary from now and if you want to optimize a dictionary file (so that it should work faster).

How to find a word?

Just simply type a word into a find toolbar entry and tap a green arrow to start search

Which dicionaries are used when I perform a search?

To check which dictionares are currently used by mDictionary, choose Select dicionaries from Dictionaries submenu. Dictionaries which are ticked, are currently in use. You can change it by selecting the different ones.

I don't want to use one of the dicionaries anymore. Can I remove it?

You can remove a dictionary from mDictionary by using Remove Dictionary item from Dictionaries submenu. If you remove a dictionary from an application, it is still kept on your device. It is removed only from mDictionary application!

what does Optimize dictionaries mean?

When you load a new dictionary file, you can optimize it, which means that a special cache file will be created and that makes a searching process work much faster. This option is available for XDXF dictionaries. When enabling opimialization for StarDict files, it is unuseful. If you load a new dictionary and not optmize it, you can do this anytime, by choosig Optimize dictionaries from Dictionaries submenu.

How to add a bookmark?

To add a word to the bookmarks, tap a star next to a word in list

Is it possible to browse bookmarks?

Yes. When you choose Show all bookmarks from Bookmarks submenu, application will switch into a bookmarks mode. Than you can browse bookmarks

Can I remove a word from bookmarks?

To remove a word from bookmark you have to tap a star next to a word in bookmark list

I found a word and I need a translation in another application? Is it possible to copy it?

Yes. Just simply select text which you want to copy and choose Copy from Edit submenu in application menu or in context sensitive menu.

Can I paste a word into toolbar from a clipboard?

Yes. If you want to paste a text from the clipboard into a find toolbar entry choose Paste from Edit submenu in application menu or in context sensitive menu.

Can I stop a searching process if it takes too long?

Yes. There is a stop button on the find toolbar

Where can I find more details about mDictionary?

You can click About in application menu. If you are looking for more details, you can always visit mDictionary website or see mDictionary project on