multilingual dictionary for (N770, N800 & N810)

  and (N900 & netbook )

QML in mDictionary Multilingual Dictionary.

mDictionary was converted from "c" language to "c++" using QT library. The latest version of the user interface is created using QML, and program can be run on systems such as MeeGo or Maemo

When we created a graphic user interface we prepared a few basic components

Text button

Button with the ability to change width and height, enter any text and change it. He has three states: enable, disable and active. Active state occurs when the button is pressed and he is not disabled, disable state occurs when the button is switch off, and in other situations he is in normal state. The font size automatically adjusts to the height of a button. He is scalable by dividing to three parts. Two in the sides have always retain ratio of width to height, and the center which extends to any size. Text in the button can be translatable.

a.Enable b.Active c.Disable

   clicked()- emit when button is clicked
   setText(string)- change text in button to "string"

Icon button

The button has the same properties as the button with the text. Selection of icons in button is possible by specifying the file path or the path of the resource to the drawing.


The field has the ability to select and unselec. Change of state is captured and sygnal is emited


Box with text field accepting only numbers, and two buttons. In this component, you can set maximum and minimum values. The value can be changed using two buttons, and by keyboard. Buttons accept pressed and holding.


ComboBox component allows to select one text item from the dropdown list, In the non-expanded state displays the currently selected item, when you expand it is possible to return without selecting a new element by clicking arrow at the component's right edge. You can use any set of text elements as a data model, as well as the change in size (it can be extended to the width).


Widget has two display modes. The first when we dontknown what is level of progress, pointer moves from left to right. Second when we know exactly what percentage of the operation was performed. ProgressBar has propertis to set maximum, minimum and current values

Line Edit

Text box with a border and the button to clean the field.


Lists based on the model list. Have a bidirectional connection with the program. Changes in list are signaled to model, and from model to list. Some lists have only text, other additional have checkbox, or icon


Table is based on the model list. It has four expandable columns. The values of rows are inserted by the model, while the header name by the qml code.

We also use some component from QtQuick and expand it


This component uses a WebView from QtQuick. It is responsible for displaying html pages formatted using CSS. It has a zoom option, available by two buttons at the bottom right corner. The screen is also movable, the user by touch is able to move screen in all directions

Some examples with use our components