multilingual dictionary for (N770, N800, N810 & N900 )

  and (N900 & netbook )

mDictionary (known as WhiteStork) is a multilingual dictionary enabling its users to use many dictionary formats. Its dedicated platforms are Nokia N770, N800, N810, N900 and netbook with MeeGo system. Our final goal is to use many search engines so that different file formats could be used. They will be in a form of dynamically loadable modules. Currently there are engines available for the XDXF and StarDict dictionaries. There is also support for user bookmarks and tar.gz files.

New version of mDictionary its dedicated for Nokia N900(MeeGo,Maemo), and netbooks with MeeGo operating System

The aim of this project is to give users the possibility to translate most common words on their Nokia's tablets in an easy and intuitive way. The user just has to type a word, click find button and after a while translation is presented. The software allows the use of more than one dictionary at the same time. The user can import a new dictionary file or choose from the installed ones. Another useful feature is a clipboard. It gives a possibility to carry the translation of a word into another application.

New version of application consists of four modules:

GUI - written using QT GPL .
Backbone - glues together GUI and plugins, also manages bookmarks and history GPL .
Plugins - search lists of words and translations for specific formats (for example XDXF or StarDict)GPL .
DesktopWidget - widget in the desktop that can run application GPL .

Old version of application consists of four modules:

GUI - written using GTK+ Hildon, GPL license.
Engine - XDXF and StarDict format parser ( + Bookmarks engine), GPL license.
Manager - program modules management, GPL license.
D-BUS wrapper - communication between GUI and Manager, LGPL license.

mDictionary can not only help, but also teach. Thanks to the special searching system user does not have to know the exact word's spelling, the words which start with the same letter are displayed. Moreover, wildcards can be use in a user's query.

One of the main goals while designing mDictionary was to create a user friendly application. Clear and easy to conquer UI allows to believe that user feel comfortable with the application.